Derrick Yazzie, of Diné (Navajo) descent, is from the magnificent southwest of the Navajo Nation and Gallup, New Mexico. Derrick was always intrigued to explore life outside the four sacred mountains of Navajoland. Inspired by Derrick’s parents, he ventured away to college and out of his comfort zone to explore life, eventually leading him to Los Angeles. His father was inspirational with a vision for experience, growth and creativity, while his mother remained close to cultural traditions of Navajo life. Her words were strong to Derrick, “remember who you are, where you come from, and you will always have a home to come back to. You are connected to this sacred land.”

As Derrick delved into his photography career, an undeniable love and passion for exploring the beauty of diverse cultures emerged within him. Los Angeles, being one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, presented Derrick with endless opportunities to capture the essence of different communities through his lens. With each click of his camera, he sought to immerse himself in their lives and celebrate their important life moments. From joyous celebrations to intimate family gatherings that symbolize unity and love, Derrick is there to document the beauty that lies within cultural diversity. 

Join Derrick on this extraordinary journey as he continues celebrating diverse cultures through photography. Through each photograph taken, he invites us all into a world where different backgrounds unite under one lens – proving that regardless of our differences, we are all part of one global community worth exploring together.