Shi éi Derrick Yazzie yinishyé.

Totsohnii nishlí.

Shizhe' éi Bit'ahnii báshíshchíín.

Ma'ii deeshglizhinii éí dashicheíí

áádóó Tó dích'ii'nii dashinálí.

Ákótéégo diné hastiin nishlí


My name is Derrick Yazzie.

I am of the Big Water clan.

I am born for the His Sheaves Leaf clan.

My maternal grandfather is of

the Coyote Pass clan,

My paternal grandfather is of

the Bitter Water clan.

That is how I identify as Diné.

Derrick Yazzie, of Diné (Navajo) descent, is from the magnificent southwest of the Navajo Nation and Gallup, New Mexico. Derrick was always intrigued to explore life outside the four sacred mountains of Navajoland. Inspired by Derrick’s parents, he ventured away to college and out of his comfort zone to explore life. His father was inspirational with a vision for experience and growth while his mother remained close to cultural traditions of Navajo life. Her words were strong to Derrick, “always remember who you are, where you come from, and you will always have a home to come back to. You are connected to this sacred land.”

As Derrick began his photography career, he discovered his love and passion for exploring beautiful diverse cultures in one of the most diverse cities in the world, Los Angeles. Through his camera, he wants to experience the lives of other cultures, first hand and capture their essence in celebration of important life moments.